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Suzie Roth L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

I am passionate about helping others find a path to emotional and physical health. In my experiences working at hospitals and mental health facilities, I witnessed people seeking help but not always finding it from conventional western choices. I wanted to offer another option.

More recently I have been passionate about helping women balance hormones, regulate their menstruation, increase fertility, and continue with a healthy pregnancy.

I offer specialized sessions that include a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, psychotherapy, cupping, tui na, moxa, meditation, and reiki.

Some of the mental and physical health conditions that I have worked with include multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, women's health issues, fertility, common colds and flu, migraines, digestive issues, weight loss, and pain. 


BA Psychology - Metropolitan State University

MA Transpersonal Psychology - Naropa University

MA Traditional Chinese Medicine - Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Courtney Ash L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

I developed a Muscle Release technique called, Muscle Resistance Therapy. The development of this technique was spurred by the inability to find a quick, effective and long-lasting treatment for chronic and acute muscle and/or tendon-related pain. Muscle Resistance Therapy combines Gua Sha, ART (Active Release Technique), Trigenics, MFR (Myofacial Release), Trigger Point therapy, muscle resistance and static pressure. I have taught this particular therapy to a few physical therapists who have found it to be quite effective in treating their patients. Using this technique, 95% of my patients with musculoskeletal conditions have experienced a 30% to 100% reduction of their pain in 1-8 treatment sessions.

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Pet Therapy

Daphne, CGC

Daphne is a 5 year old Great Dane with a heart larger than her body can contain. She loves every person and animal she meets and has a loving disposition that can be very healing. She really enjoys her younger clients that come in since they are just her size for kisses.

She volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue as a foster sister to danes waiting for their forever home and as an ambassador for the rescue at events here in Colorado.

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Love Great Danes? 

Daphne recommends checking out her friends on the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue website. 

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